One of the GBCA services that has become more valued over the past few years is JobsPlus. Much like libraries have seen a renaissance since the recession as job seekers visit in greater numbers, so too, has JobsPlus become an important resource in our region. Thousands of people subscribe to the email to see the latest in jobs, workshops, and opportunities. Every week, cultural institutions throughout the region send us their latest job postings.

I cannot stress how important jobs in the cultural sector are to sustaining the diversity of our cultural community. Our institutions are the training ground for the next generation of arts leaders, and many of the staffers of area cultural institutions lead or participate in small entrepreneurial efforts outside of their day work, taking the lessons learned and applying them to their own endeavors. I hear from people all of the time about how they found their job on JobsPlus (and I enjoy telling them I found my job the same way!).

Previously we’ve sent JobsPlus every two weeks, but we’ve decided to include it in our weekly newsletter. This way you get to see the most current jobs as soon as we find out about them. If you’d like to see the full listing of JobsPlus, you can click on the link in the JobsPlus section of the email to see all of the opportunities still open. If you’re a GBCA member organization and you’d like to post an opportunity, please send us an email at

Onward and upward–



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