CreateBaltimore was a success beyond my highest hope. Started from a seed of conversation after GBCA hosted futurist David Houle in Baltimore in October, CreateBaltimore was a convergence of the arts and tech communities, and nearly 170 of Baltimore’s most creative citizens attended. Held this past Saturday at the Brown Center at MICA, the event was a “barcamp” style conference, where the sessions of the day were attendee generated in the morning, and then played out during the afternoon. The format stresses that all attendees are equal, and the crowd on Saturday embraced the style fully with a lot of congeniality among attendees, and energizing conversations. Many people and organizations generously donated time, goods, and money to see the event succeed, and while I can’t list everyone here–thank you!

We had fifteen sessions during the course of the day, many of them directly concerning art or technology, but a number of them being much broader. To give you an idea of the discussions, the sessions were manufacturing, entrepreneurship, food, public transit, film in Baltimore, mapping, betascape, collaboration, youth social justice, blogging and new media, literature “after the book”, “Stay in Baltimore!”, diversity and equity, the creative process, and community spaces and parks.

While it was impossible to attend every sessions (especially for the organizers, which included GBCA, Scott Burkholder of the Baltimore Love Project, Dave Troy, and Andrew Hazlett), here are some links to where you can check out some of what happened. Many of the sessions were live webcast by Radar Redux and can be watched here, some of the session notes were uploaded on Lanyrd, and you can dig through the twitter feed and pick out some of the highlights from the day.

There was a strong sentiment among attendees for another CreateBaltimore. While nothing is planned yet, you’ll be the first to hear about it here. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to an exciting day.

Onward and upward–


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