Radar Redux

You may have noticed to the right of my weekly address, is a column for Radar Redux. Radar is one of GBCA’s many programs, and it was created by GBCA staff member, Jack Livingston. Those of you who have lived in Baltimore for a while may remember Radar Redux’s pocket sized print predecessor Radar. After running for 12 editions and shining a spotlight on the cultural community operating “below the radar,” the magazine took a hiatus. Several years ago, it was reborn with the aim of using the latest technology to accomplish the same mission as before. This time, however, instead of solely relying on the community to generate content and reviews, a partnership was forged between JHU, MICA, and GBCA, where the students would: 1) generate the reviews and content (which could include written reviews, photo essays, video, and more), 2) build and design the website themselves, 3) work collaboratively on the project with students from other schools in a “think-tank” environment, and 4) be tasked with leaving the school zone and get out into Baltimore’s arts community to experience it first hand. Many of the students who have worked with Jack on Radar Redux over the past several years have cited the class as a transformative experience in their education. Tomorrow, Jack will start another semester at Johns Hopkins University, so you can look forward to more student reviews over the next several months, in addition to the reviews and editorials from the community. We’re currently looking for editorials from the community to include weekly on Radar Redux and in this email. If you have a provocation for the cultural community, or a special community wide announcement you’d like to make, please contact me via email.

Radar Redux has recently started a weekly live webcast. Free to GBCA members, and $100 for non-members. A live webcast is an ideal way to capture your event, an important speaker you’ve engaged, or a performance. All events are broadcast live from the Radar Redux website, and then housed in an archive. We find that many people watch and view the events after the fact. To have your event covered, send an email to us at GBCA.

Lastly, Radar Redux runs an active Twitter feed. Follow it to read the absolute latest in what’s happening in our community.

Until next week–


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