Emerging Leaders

Our cultural community is full of potential. It is one of the things I love best about the Baltimore region. Everywhere you look an idea for a cultural project can be found, whether it’s an idea for a vacant storefront in an historic building, or it is a new collaboration between two strangers with a shared ideal. One big pool of potential in our region is our emerging leaders–whether it is  our enterprising arts administrators and interns, our young cultural entrepreneurs developing and exploring new business models, or students with big ideas looking to make a difference in the nonprofit sector and the community.

This morning, as part of twelve conversations GBCA is hosting this month in our own version of “March Madness” (for more on those conversations and how to participate see here), I was joined by several emerging leaders (which we defined as those under 35, or within their first five years in the field) to discuss challenges they faced in our community. While we were far from solving any problems, the issues raised rang true to me: young leaders are looking for mentorship, they’re seeking out best practices in a time of sector wide flux, they’re interested in networking, and they’re concerned about the state of our field and our community–both with regards to the financial crisis and the lack of diversity in our organizations. As I said before, we raised more issues than could be addressed in one hour, but we’re going to convene again in April. If you’re an emerging leader and you’re interested in joining that discussion, please contact me. Also, if you’d like to attend one of our other eleven conversations this month, I encourage you to read more about those sessions, and to send me an email to let me know you’ll be joining us. Tomorrow we’re talking literary arts.

Until next week–


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