Got something to say?

Want to post on our wall? We’re interested in giving the community a space to raise issues, provoke the field, and propose ideas in our weekly email. This week we’re including a new section called “Community Wall” with a piece from Deborah Patterson of ArtBlocks, where she writes about creative placemaking.

I’d like you to write something for the community to be included in our weekly email. What’s not being said? What conversations are happening nationally that need to be happening in Baltimore? What do you have to say? For example, do you have a response to Rocco Landesman’s remarks on supply and demand in January? Do you have something to say about a new initiative you’re launching? Do you want to incite the arts community to participate in a project you’re coordinating, such as the Black Male Identity project I wrote about last week, or the series of conversations GBCA is hosting this month? Send us an email and we’ll post your thoughts on our wall.

Until next week–

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