Inclusion and Diversity

This morning GBCA completed our tenth of twelve conversations with various groups in the cultural community. Next week I plan to have a larger recap on the conversations, but since this morning’s conversation was about diversity and inclusion, I’m going to take the opportunity to bang that drum again. The issue of inclusion is huge. In my opinion, it is the single largest issue we face both as a region and as a community. We need to talk about it at every opportunity, because we’ve all learned that ignoring problems definitely does not make them go away. What makes the issue of diversity and inclusion so challenging is there’s no simple way to fix the issue, just as it wasn’t simply created overnight. It’s difficult to figure out where we can begin.

The simplest point of access is to join in on one of the conversations that’s happening right now. First, I invite you to join the follow-up conversation from this morning’s meeting at GBCA, which will be held on Tuesday, April 12 at 8am at GBCA’s offices at 113 W. North Avenue. We’re a long way from taking action, but it’s a good place to hear other perspectives, and to share your point of view. Come and help shape the discussion. RSVP here for the conversation.

Second, a very important project kicked off last Thursday called Black Male Identity. The Black Male Identity project is working to use art as a way to provide more positive images of black men in our society.  GBCA recently became a partner of the project, and there are numerous ways for artists, cultural programmers, heritage groups, and community members to become actively involved. A series of community information sessions have been scheduled. The first one is being held tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30, 5:30pm at MICA PLACE, 814 N. Collington Avenue. Click here to see about community information sessions currently planned and click here to see a story by WJZ about the launch of the project.

Until next week–


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