Performance Venues in the Baltimore Area

Below is a chart of Performance venues in the Baltimore Area (click the image to get a better view):

If you notice any inaccuracies, or any venues that are left off, please contact us and we’ll make the necessary corrections and re-post the chart.


6 responses to “Performance Venues in the Baltimore Area

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  2. this is a really helpful list. One thing I’d love to know is how accessible / open each venue is to rentals or event partnerships (like how we do Ignite in partnership with the Walters), and how to get in touch with them.

    I know from experience some of the venues on this list are totally or effectively off-limits and people looking at the list should not waste time calling these folks up. But there’s a bunch of stuff on there I hadn’t heard of, so I’m excited!

    Enoch Pratt Library has some really nice spaces at the downtown branch that should be on this list.

    • Hey Mike,

      Over the summer we’re planning to make a secondary list of those spaces available to rent (and perhaps partnerships), although some venues are open to one type of a rental, and not another, and it seems like it’s often case by case.

      If there are any spaces off the top of your head that you’re interested in, I can give you any feeling I have (if I have one) about how open they are to rental and the contact I have for them.

      Thanks for the note on the EPFL–we’ll make sure to get them added.



  3. Buck-
    Not appearing on the list is the space at St. Mary’s Outreach Center formerly inhabited by BSF. I know that the church is in the process of listening to what that space could be used for by community, professional, educational, and spiritual performers/companies.
    Nice to meet you, by the way!
    Ron Heneghan

  4. Dorothy Bistransin

    Goucher College also has Merrick Hall for up to 225 guests- good for small concerts & productions

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