More Festivals!

As I noted last week, now that it’s officially summer (happy solstice), festival season is upon us. This week a festival and an important conference visit Baltimore.

First, Roots Fest is this week, which is the 35th anniversary celebration of the founding of Alternate ROOTS. Roots Fest and Alternate ROOTS are about the intersection of the arts, activism, and community, so it’s fitting that the three components of Roots Fest are taking place at Blueford Drew, Load of Fun, and the Highway to Nowhere. The major components of Roots Fest are the National Learning Exchange where artists and activists from across the country will converge for workshops and dialogs and performances open to the community on the Highway to Nowhere and at Load of Fun, including Chuck Brown, Anthony David, and more. It isn’t to late to sign up for the Learning Exchange (which I’ll be attending tomorrow), and local residents are eligible for a deep discount.

The second opportunity this week is a special opportunity to attend a public panel discussion and community reception at the Baltimore Museum of Art for the opening session of LINC’s Creative Communities grantees conference. This is the only part of the conference that is open to the public. The panel is titled “Realizing the Creative City”, and you can register for a free ticket here.

Until next week–



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