I was happy to have the opportunity to sit in on one day of LINC’s Creative Communities grantee conference last weekend. LINC, or Leveraging Investments in Creativity, is a ten year initiative “to improve the conditions for artists working in all disciplines.” It was fascinating to be a fly on the wall as the grantees discussed their successes and failures over the past several years as they set out to help artists. There were organizations focused on helping artists buy homes, helping artists navigate the health care system, and helping artists realize their full potential by honing their skills to generate income from their work.

Many members of the region’s cultural community attended a panel discussion on Thursday night at the Baltimore Museum of Art, which was the kick off for the conference. There was a clear suggestion from one of the founders of Artist U in Philadelphia, that they may try to bring it to Baltimore in the coming years. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as information becomes available.

In other GBCA news, GBCA will be hosting a third Arts & Culture Happy Hour at Brewer’s Art on Monday, July 11 from 5-7:30pm. We’ll be meeting at the downstairs bar, and there’s always a fun and eclectic group.

Also, we’ve heard from some of our members that they would appreciate a more streamlined submission process for JobsPlus. This week we’ve created a new submission form for members to submit their opportunities. Click here for the form.

Until next week —

Buck Jabaily

Executive Director


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