Crowd Funding in Baltimore

A few weeks ago, GiveCorps launched in Baltimore. Dedicated to encouraging philanthropy locally, GiveCorp hosts a number of online fundraising asks for nonprofits around Baltimore, and encourages the GiveCorps network to make small donations to area nonprofits in exchange for coupons to local businesses. Arts and Cultural organizations are encouraged to attend a free “Lunch and Learn” information session on August 31 at noon at Millers Court to find out how to become involved. To register, click here. GiveCorps is a local example of Crowd Funding. Other examples are Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. With GiveCorps you set a goal for how much you’d like to raise, but unlike Kickstarter, you don’t have to hit your goal to receive funding.

Today’s “Big Give” on GiveCorps is Funding for Arts Education. Click this link to see the campaign, learn more about GiveCorps, and maybe give $10 to support Arts Education in Baltimore.

Until next week–

Buck Jabaily, Executive Director


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