Baltimore Art + Justice Project

As a transplant to Baltimore, I’m often asked about why I came to Baltimore, and how I like it here. When it comes down to it, the major reason I came here is the thing I love most: a cultural scene that is brimming over with ideas, potential, and raw talent. However, when I’m talking about about how much I enjoy Baltimore, I can’t avoid what I see as its major problems–crime, poverty, and the relative segregation of the city between east, west, and center.

It is inevitable to have these two factors combine, and that is why Baltimore is home to an amazing array of artists pursuing social justice through their work. I’m excited to write about a new project that aims to serve art and social justice work–The Baltimore Art + Justice Project.

The Baltimore Art + Justice Project seeks to identify, amplify, and support the work of arts-based practitioners who are advancing the cause of social justice throughout the City of Baltimore. Through outreach, dialogue and data collection, the project will quantify and map this City’s arts-based social justice assets, and create tools and resources that help practitioners and their allies to connect with one another. By collaborating with national allies in the field, the project also seeks to contribute to a national dialogue on the role of art and design in fostering community transformation and change.

I am sitting on an advisory committee for the project, and more details will be forthcoming as the project develops. In the meantime a Project Manager is currently being sought, and interviews are scheduled to begin soon, so don’t delay in sending your application. Here’s the link to the post.

Until next week–



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