b-grants and Artist Mapping

Yesterday the Baker Artist Awards announced the first round of b-grant winners, which included sculptor Brent Crothers, photographer Tiffany Jones, and animator Miranda Pfeiffer. The b-grants are $1,000 awards, and separate from the three $25,000 Mary Sawyers Baker prizes awarded each spring. Two more sets of three b-grants will be awarded on December 5 and January 9. The b-grants were new to last year’s Baker Artist Awards, and have essentially replaced the Baltimore’s Choice awards, which were awarded by popular vote. The b-grant winners are selected by local discipline specific experts.

This year the Baker Artist Award site already has 325 artists on it. However, the site is far from reaching its full potential. There are scores of artists, from ceramicists to musicians to community artists who haven’t nominated themselves. As I was discussing the benefits of nominating to a local artist, I expressed three key items: 1) you have the chance to win a $1,000 b-grant or a $25,000 Mary Sawyers Baker Prize; 2) you have a dynamic website to show off your work that allows you to post video, audio, images and text; and 3) you’re contributing to providing a map of the region’s artist community. On this last point–there must be thousands of artists working in our region, and if we could get every one of them on the Baker Artist Awards site, we could really show off to the world what we all know–that our region has an immense, diverse, and talented collection of artists that call the Baltimore area home. If you have nominated yourself in the past, please take a moment to reactivate and spruce up your nomination. If you’re an artist and have never been on the site, please take the time to put yourself out there. If you’re not an artist, please nudge your friends, family, and co-workers to put their work on the site. If you have questions about the site or nominating yourself, you can visit the help section of the site, or send an email to thelab@bakerartistawards.org.

Until next week–

Buck Jabaily, Executive Director


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