The New Everyman Theatre

Last week I was given a unique opportunity to tour the new Everyman Theatre space with artistic director, Vincent Lancisi. In it’s gutted form, the shell of the old Town theatre is absolutely stunning. It was a highlight of my year to watch Vinny, the proud parent, talk about each wall that will go up and every feature that will be present when the construction is completed. It is clear that the new theatre space will have the same intimacy as the Everyman space on Charles Street. Combining the opening of Everyman Theatre in its new space, and the recent announcement about the Hippodrome Arts Fund, I’m very excited to go back to the Westside this time next year.

With Thanksgiving this week, its important to remember that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are great days to go out and enjoy the cultural scene (especially if you have family in town and you don’t know exactly what to do with them for four days). If you are hoping to get some holiday shopping done but have decided to be part of the Black Friday boycott because chain stores are opening earlier than ever before, consider going to Black Friday Art Market in Station North as part of their new Final Fridays initiative. The entire cultural community wins when you buy local.


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