Last Week’s Brown Bag and Upcoming Events

Thank you to Peter Bruun and Randi Vega for leading another standing room only GBCA Brown Bag event last Wednesday at the Baltimore Museum of Art. “Collaborating Across the Comfort Zone” included great information and fostered an engaging discussion.

While we inhabit a dynamic and successful arts and culture community, the recent challenges of some organizations including The Contemporary Museum and ClayWorks, and the closing of Art on Purpose remind us of our vulnerability. As a sector, we must take serious steps to strengthen organizations and improve sustainability. The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, its Board and committees are approaching these challenges from many perspectives.

Our Advocacy Committee is charged with making support for arts and culture a priority for the public and private sectors within the next three years. Working closely with Maryland Citizens for the Arts, the group is collecting and reviewing relevant research and studying what we can learn from models in other cities to change the conversation about arts and culture with a compelling case for support. In the process, we plan to engage thought leaders from around the country to share their findings with Baltimore and then hit the streets.

In the meantime, the Program Committee is designing events aimed at building partnerships and collaborations. GBCA is also supporting education and training such as our partnership with Artists U Baltimore, a program to help artists and organizations plan carefully and strategically for the future.

We want to hear your voice and include you in the work of GBCA. If you aren’t already a member, you can learn more and join us through this link. Also, pass on this newsletter to your friends and encourage them to subscribe to our mailing list.

All the best and don’t forget that Free Fall applications are due this Friday,



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