Be sure to check out GBCA’s video celebrating the vibrancy of our community at the Mayors Town Hall Meeting tonight at AVAM at 6pm!

Executive Director’s Letter

October 16th, 2013

The full Baltimore Collegetown Student Survey Report for 2012 just hit my desk. It’s great news that students are choosing to stay in Baltimore post-graduation and that perceptions of the area have improved. Among the top reasons why surveyed students selected their schools; a location in/near Baltimore (ranks number three).

While we still have issues, “vibrant” is the third ranking in words used to describe Baltimore. And what makes a city vibrant? Art is included in the number one category of activities students like best about the city. Art museums and galleries rank third in top places students like to go. “More students report wanting to stay after graduation—for jobs and the quality of life here.”

At the Mayor’s Cultural Town Hall this week, you’ll hear the data supporting our contribution to the economy ($388.2 million). You’ll also be among the first to see GBCA’s video celebrating the vibrancy of our community and the contributions of art and artists.

However, the main reason you should come is to show the strength of our numbers. There is no better way to demonstrate the power of the culture class to help meet the Mayor’s goals for economic prosperity and increasing the city’s population. Attend. Ask Questions.

What do you want to know from the Mayor?

Let us know what you think by submitting your questions for the Mayor in advance on GBCA’s Timeline or on Twitter (#BmoreTownHall).

Remember, Literary Arts Week continues through Saturday. Check out the schedule and plan to attend some of these great events. Also, don’t miss the exciting opportunity to see Liz Lerman’s: Sketches from Healing Wars at GBCA’s upcoming Brown Bag session on October 26 at noon. This work in progress is in residency with, and presented courtesy of, the Baltimore Performance Kitchen.

Have a great week,



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