Map it Now!

Executive Director’s Letter
March 12, 2013

The conversation about the intersection of arts, culture, and technology just got even more interesting today.  GBCA’s “Map it Now” Brown Bag facilitated by Kalima Young (Project Coordinator, Art+Justice Project) and Rebecca Yenawine (Executive Director, New Lens), included presentations as diverse as the “Where is Jazz?” poster map from the Baltimore Jazz Alliance, the sophisticated social indicators mapping of Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA), and Stack Strategy’s Story of Place project.  Throughout the course of the conversation, we learned about many more efforts including those at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Creative Alliance, and Baltimore Clayworks. Ultimately, we discussed the challenges of using data to do what artists do best, tell a story.  In this case, a compelling story of how the arts are essential to the history, vitality, and success of a community.

It feels like the arts and culture and the technology communities have been flirting long enough—it’s time for a real date!

If today’s meeting was any indication, we have a lot in common and a real interest in connecting.  As a result, and because we had some great minds at the table, GBCA will partner with the Greater Baltimore Technology Council ( to initiate what we hope will be an ongoing and productive dialogue.  Keep you eyes open for a first meet-up Happy Hour and a chance to bridge the perceived divide, find common ground, and creatively identify and attack pressing issues.  If you weren’t in on the first conversation, make sure to join us for the next big step.

All the best,

P.S.  A special thanks to MICA for hosting our session today and for its support of the Art + Justice Project.


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