“I am going to visit every GBCA member and report on what I find….”

Executive Director’s Letter
April 2, 2013

Recently I had the first-time pleasure of taking in The Charm City Roller Girls—new members of GBCA. It was a great crowd, a great derby, and an inspiration to break out the roller skates. Special thanks go out to Ellie Vation for explaining the rules. The only thing better would have been a win for the home team! While hovering on the edge of being a cultural event, it did remind me of the amazing range of work being undertaken by our members throughout the region.

So with that in mind, I am hatching a plan—a mission of sorts. Although I know most of them already, I am going to visit every GBCA member and report on what I find. This Friday night, it’s Out of Order at Maryland Art Place. Next week, it will be conversations with the Baltimore Collegetown Network and Arts Education in Maryland Schools. God willing and the creek don’t rise (and assuming I can get back from Philadelphia in time) it will be the April 13 City Lit Festival at the Enoch Pratt Free Library (is that a two-for-one?).

I hope to see you out there and welcome your suggestions for can’t-miss events, meet ups, and discussions.

Is it spring yet?


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