I hope you saw the good news from Maryland Citizens for the Arts.

Executive Director’s Letter
April 16, 2013

Those of us at GBCA are deeply saddened by yesterday’s events at the Boston Marathon and our hearts go out to everyone affected by this act of violence and hatred. At times like these, our other worries and concerns can seem very small.

But it is also a time when we can take great comfort in those events and experiences that bring us together and allow us to celebrate the human spirit in all its glory. I feel so fortunate that my member tour this week took me to the production of Appalachian Spring at the Baltimore School for the Arts. This celebration of the American Spirit was brought to life with the energy and vigor of youth and strengthened by its cast.

I hope you saw the good news from Maryland Citizens for the Arts. The General Fund Appropriation for the Maryland State Arts Council for FY 2014 will be $15.2 million. This is a $2 million (15%) increase after three years of level funding. MCA has asked that we reach out to Governor Martin O’Malley and our state legislators to extend our thanks for their support. However, let’s make sure we also let the staff and Board of MCA know how grateful we are for their work on our behalf. For more information about the outcome of the 2013 Session for the arts visit the MCA site here.

The sequestration continues to impact employees and organizations in the cultural sector. Phoebe Stein Davis, Executive Director of Maryland Humanities Council, made an eloquent statement to Senator Ben Cardin during his presentation at Monday’s Downtown Partnership-sponsored discussion on the topic. In it she spoke of the extreme difficulty caused by not only the current cuts, but also the impact that the uncertainty has on an organization’s ability to plan and manage for the future. Employees, operations, and programs are all affected by the sequestration’s irrational cuts. Our elected officials must consider what is best for the country and compromise on the budget.

Here’s hoping for better days and thoughtful conversation,


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