Showing Off Our Assets!

Executive Director’s Letter
May 21, 2013

Audacious!  The music, the spectacle, the puppets, the stage creaking under the weight of a cast of thousands—it all adds up to Baltimore Rock Opera’s latest romp, Murdercastle.  Arts venues puzzling over how to reach a younger audience demographic should check out the crowds that follow the BROS to the Autograph Playhouse.  The combination of an over the top, “face melting,” experience and the sound of hundreds of cold Natty Boh (BYOB) cans popping open, encouraged a liveliness that may be the envy of Baltimore—Bravo!

Downtown, the American Alliance of Museum’s annual conference is in full swing at the Convention Center.  If you haven’t taken advantage yet, you can still get involved through Baltimore Museum Week discounts.  The AAM conference has brought over 5,000 attendees from more than 50 countries to Charm City.  What a great way to show off our assets.

Speaking of showing off, I hope you saw the amazing Baltimore-centric insert in the NY Times magazine.  It’s a beautiful piece that showcases the city’s classic and quirky cultural charms for our neighbors to the north and readers around the country.  Special thanks are due to Visit Baltimore and Visit Maryland for making the promotion a reality.

Let’s invite President Obama to come back again next week!



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