Raise Your Voice on Behalf of Arts and Culture!

Executive Director Letter
July 30, 2013

Once again, arts and culture are being used as a political football on Capitol Hill.  If you haven’t heard, last week the U.S House of Representatives Interior Appropriations Subcommittee approved its initial FY 2014 funding legislation, which includes a proposed cut of $71 million to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). This is in addition to cuts to the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).
To give you some perspective, take a look at this information from Americans for the Arts:

  Final FY 2013
(incl. 5% sequester cut)
FY 2014 President’s
FY 2014 House Subcommittee
NEA $138.4
$154.466 million $75
NEH $138.4
$154.466 million $75


“While the subcommittee bill includes a 20 percent reduction in total spending as a part of the House budget plan, the proposed cuts of 49 percent to the NEA are significantly disproportionate. The arts community recognizes the challenges our elected leaders face in prioritizing federal resources, but funding for the NEA has already been cut by more than $29 million over the past three years. These disproportionate cuts recall the dramatic decline of federal funding for the arts in the early 90s, from which the agency has still not recovered.”
Go to the Americans for the Arts website to learn more about how you can raise your voice on behalf of arts and culture. 
All the best,


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