The Arts and Technology Communities have been Intersecting in Many Promising Ways

Executive Director’s Letter
August 6, 2013
No summertime blues in Baltimore, it already feels like fall.  I hope you all are enjoying a little break before September comes barreling down the pike.
The arts and technology communities have been circling each other and intersecting in many promising ways.  The parallel between each makes us appealing partners—vibrancy, entrepreneurship, impact, and creativity are hallmarks of both.  GBCA’s Mapping Brown Bag last March was one step in bringing us together. 
Since then, I facilitated a Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) conference panel that included Chris Ryer (Highlandtown Arts and Entertainment District), Kalima Young (Art+Justice Project/MICA), and Peter Bruun (Strong Art/Strong Youth Investigation) to discuss cultural data. And there are many other ideas in the works including conversations around the upcoming Baltimore Innovation Week (September 20-29, 2013).
In the meantime, GBCA is hard at work on its strategic plan and this fall will be rolling out exciting new programs and services.
All the best,


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