Looking Forward to this Week’s Brown Bag: Internships 101

Executive Director Letter
November 12, 2013
If you haven’t been following the latest press and legal discussions about internships, you should.  A number of recent actions have drawn attention to the legal and ethical questions surrounding this practice, particularly as it relates to the rights of individuals who are, for all purposes, functioning as unpaid staff with none of the protections afforded an employee.  Companies and organizations such as Fox Searchlight and Conde Nast have come under the microscope as the result of their corporate practices—some of which I fear are likely commonplace amongst our nonprofit brothers and sisters.  Exposure, connections, networking, and experience are not great justifications for free or underpaid labor.
Even organizations with good intentions don’t always know the best way to recruit, retain, and manage interns so that the experience is mutually beneficial.  That’s why GBCA is hosting a special Brown Bag session on the topic.  Kristen Campbell McGuire and her team at Baltimore Collegetown Network provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Although the session is sold out, we are recording it and will have it up on our website early next week.
In the meantime, to learn about some of the current issues in the news regarding internships, check out this article in Atlantic magazine.
Have a great week,

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