Join GBCA for this weekend’s UALP Intensives!

Looking out my window on North Charles Street, I am encouraged to see the snow receding and hoping soon the winter weather will be just a memory.  Thank you to Priya Bhayana of the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District and our friends at EMP Collective for hosting the latest snow day-rescheduled GBCA Arts & Culture Happy Hour last night.  As evidenced by the great turnout, things are hopping on the west side of town!
Can you imagine a resume review session with the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Director, Doreen Bolger?  That’s just what was offered in last weekend’s Urban Arts Leadership Program (UALP) intensive.  Our aim is to provide leadership training, networking and placement opportunities for emerging professionals in arts management.  Although the program is dedicated to increasing opportunities for professionals of color, it is open to people of all backgrounds.  In fact, manager David Mitchellbelieves that the diversity of the group will strengthen the experience for all participants.  Looking for an opportunity to learn more?
UALP will have its second intensive this weekend. The pilot UALP group is intentionally small so that GBCA can include others in the training. While Doreen won’t be back this weekend, we will be joined by several other talented presenters. If you, or someone in your organization is interested in attending on Friday and Saturday, you can find more information and register on the GBCA website. Session topics will include interview and workplace etiquette, grant writing, and community engagement.
Finally, it is an honor to be named one of The Daily Record’s Maryland’s 2014 Top 100 Women.  What an amazing list of accomplished women including Lea Gilmore, a member of GBCA’s Board of Directors.  In other news about honors for GBCA friends, it was just announced that dancer, choreographer, and 2002 MacArthur Fellow Liz Lerman, will receive the 2014 Dance/USA Honor Award!
All the best,


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