Mission and Vision


The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA) nurtures and promotes a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable arts and cultural community embraced by all as accessible, relevant, and essential to the region’s quality of life.

GBCA connects artists and groups to one another and to resources; and advocates for the continued visibility and financial strength of the sector while addressing strategic issues facing the cultural community.


In its second decade, the GBCA will become the authoritative collective voice of the cultural, creative community.

It will earn a seat at the table alongside leaders of industry, academia, and government as a key constituent in the development and growth of the Greater Baltimore region.

It will establish and promote regular, highly anticipated events that create value, not only for its members, but demonstrate the case for the significance and importance of the cultural community within the regional eco-system.

As members, individual artists, colleges, and cultural organizations small and large will consider GBCA an indispensible advocate for the contributions, needs, and interests of the regional cultural community.

At the core of its programs, GBCA will lead the engagement of the cultural community in expansion of its relevance to a broader, younger, more diverse audience.